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POV jerking – HD handjob

October 10th, 2008
Jerk It Bitch – HD Handjobs - POV jerking – HD handjob

Justin just recently moved to the good ole’ USA from South Africa and had been going through a bit of a dry spell. After months of attempting to approach these sweet American women, he finally met Kayden. Following a great date he decided to invite Kayden over to his place where he was in for [...]

Stroking big hard cock

October 10th, 2008
Jerk It Bitch – HD Handjobs - Stroking big hard cock

Faye joins her man Rick in the garage, wearing one of her sexiest outfits and does her best to convince him to let her ride his brand new toy, a hot new ATV. Seeing that her little outfit just wasn’t enough to get a ride on his ATV she decides to be a little more [...]

HD handjob movs

October 10th, 2008
Jerk It Bitch – HD Handjobs - HD handjob movs

Alan came home after a long day at work, exhausted and looking forward to a long nap. Unfortunately…I mean fortunately Jacyln who had been patiently waiting for him to cum home had other ideas. After trying to convince Alan to fuck, she decided to stroke his cock with the hopes he would get excited enough [...]

Jerk It Bitch – HD Handjobs - Cock stroking skills – HD handjob

Joey was relaxing on the couch and doing what guys should be doing when sports are on TV…watching it! In comes the love his life Jocelyn complaining about how she is not getting enough attention (typical). Only this time she was not taking no for an answer. She demanded attention and she was going to [...]

Hot handjob action

October 10th, 2008
Jerk It Bitch – HD Handjobs - Hot handjob action

Johnny decided to do something special for his girl and spent the entire day making her favorite meal. After spending some quality time together, Sara decided that her man deserved a little dessert and what better dessert than stroking her man is big hard cock outside on a beautiful sunny day. Watch Sara stroke Johnny’s [...]

POV handjob videos

October 10th, 2008
Jerk It Bitch – HD Handjobs - POV handjob videos

Sitting on the couch with a tight little blonde as hot as Mackenzie is no easy task and I am sure CJ could tell you all about it. But what’s worse is sitting on the couch with a horny little blonde knowing that “the rag” is the in the way! Just CJ’s luck. It’s that [...]

Exclusive interracial handjobs

October 10th, 2008
Jerk It Bitch – HD Handjobs - Exclusive interracial handjobs

Christian and Kaiya were relaxing in the backyard on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, enjoying the warm weather and each other’s company. The day could not have been more perfect or could it? There was really only one thing that could make this afternoon complete and that was a handjob from his sexy little asian girlfriend. [...]

High-def handjob

October 10th, 2008
Jerk It Bitch – HD Handjobs - High-def handjob

It’s not often that you meet someone who is just naturally horny like Leilani. So when her baseball beau was on the road for 6 weeks she couldn’t wait for him to come home. When he finally did come home Leilani knew he would be exhausted from his road trip and did what a REAL [...]

HD Handjob movies

October 10th, 2008
Jerk It Bitch – HD Handjobs - HD Handjob movies

You know it never ceases to amaze me what’s going on in women’s heads these days. There are times when it seems nothing you do can excite a girl enough to get naked and there are other times (like this one) where simply looking at the bananas in the grocery store was enough to get [...]